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  1. The Word of Thoth: Smite Mechanics and Formulae Guide
  2. Where to Ward
  3. God selection help
  4. What jungler should I play?
  5. Need help for my nemesis build!
  6. Tyr is all about timing, can he actually be OP?
  7. Ah Muzen Cab Tips: Any and all tips would be welcome!
  8. Health on jungle camps
  9. Isis, need gameplay advice
  10. Thanatos advice
  11. Support Help
  12. Help Jungling with He Bo (Discussion and advice appreciated)
  13. What is favor and how i can use it??
  14. Huge jungle help needed
  15. Fenrir build
  16. How much % is the "Attacking movement speed debuff" ?
  17. So, I basically haven't played since Hun Batz...
  18. Tips and advice for Freya?
  19. Need help from expirienced players !
  20. Hercules build help
  21. what god should i buy next?
  22. Vulcan as a support
  23. Order of skill leveling
  24. How does 'Gem of Isolation' stack with abilities that already do slow?
  25. Rammus Like God?
  26. New Wa Build Ideas?
  27. Nu wa - i have question about one item on her
  28. Haven't played seriously since pre-Bumba's; need help re-acclimating!
  29. Getting better at the hunter role
  30. Best God at the moment !?
  31. Good idea to use posiedon?
  32. siege help
  33. Question about Armor / Magic Armor
  34. SWK Build Help
  35. Poseidon mid help :)
  36. Practice mode... or this is just stupid !
  37. He Bo post nerf play(Impossible)
  38. Nemesis or Hun Batz for new player
  39. Which god should i buy
  40. Thanatos Build Ideas
  41. chasing tips
  42. Good Solo Gods?
  43. God Guides for Casual and Competitive Players
  44. [Question] Hades and other stuff
  45. I got Fenrir and I can't use him at all! Help?
  46. Jungle Kali Advice
  47. Advice for going Melee
  48. How Long Does It Take Before A Kill Goes To The Enemy vs Killed By Other
  49. Scylla's 3rd skill... nearly useless?
  50. Complete trash and getting frustrated HELP please
  51. Friend and I trying to be better at Smite
  52. newb here question about worship thing
  53. Gotta go fast! Mercury: how do I use him?
  54. Osiris Nerf makes him useless?
  55. I need a new god! :(
  56. How do i counter vamana?
  57. Support Advice (Rotating too much?)
  58. Does Soul Reaver's extra damage + Nu Wa ult work on all 5 gods?
  59. Early Game Support Guide
  60. Any tips for ADC?
  61. Info that I need to know...
  62. How to counter Nemesis?
  63. Change NAPTIME please!!
  64. He Bo/Bakasura/Serq
  65. Help countering assassins as Chaac
  66. Ares Support question.
  67. League Conquest
  68. How to counter Ares with Tyr
  69. Advice on my Hel builds and how to improve
  70. Returning earllly beta player some community questions
  71. Need help with nemesis
  72. Focus on one thing first?
  73. Dear Aphro Supports
  74. Advice on my massive loss streak...
  75. Need some carry action?
  76. Agent Apollo's basic attack width
  77. hello, semi noob player looking for help
  78. Any advice on playing Nu Wa?
  79. As a jungler, when you fall behind and teamfights start, what do you do?
  80. How does Ranked work?
  81. Looking for some help with Serqet
  82. Omega hybrid builds for all characters A-Z
  83. Rama's Ultimate
  84. Someone tutor me plz =]
  85. are assassins extra hard or is it just me
  86. Dont know how to get gems in the game :D
  87. Looking for help
  88. How do you "Unlock" Social emotes??
  89. What's a good "starter" assassin?
  90. Voice pack
  91. Need some advice regarding Bastet.
  92. It's been a while...
  93. beginners guide to jungling
  94. New player looking for help
  95. Hunter builds
  96. Correct laning
  97. I could use some advice for jungling (Ne Zhan)
  98. Thanatos advice
  99. I need help with Arena Thanatos.
  100. In game tutoring.
  101. Advice on "carrying" as a support
  102. Chronos
  103. Hel Advice
  104. Tips: How exactly play against a Loki?
  105. Where do I get better, i cant do it here...
  106. About Physical penetration
  107. How Matchmaking works?
  108. counter for witchblade
  109. Ares
  110. Just looking for advice
  111. Need help with Osiris!!!
  112. Need help with the hunter role
  113. Support help
  114. Hey mew moba player here
  115. Utility mages
  116. Are any of these Gods good for a beginner of Smite?
  117. Stop.
  118. 57 Day learning Journey. Help Needed.
  119. Newbie-friendly Clan
  120. How to Jungle as Sun Wukong
  121. Hey I'm still pretty new at this
  122. Need help with Warrior/Guardian role
  123. need Thana help
  124. Question concerning Thor/assassin role
  125. Guan Yu help
  126. How do you pause the game?
  127. I'm level 14 trying to prepare for ranked play, Any Gods that I have to master?
  128. cabrakan's passive
  129. Tank Help
  130. quick tip, how to get to lvl 5 as mid before your opponent
  131. Need tips for Agni...
  132. Help countering some gods
  133. Hercules 1v1 Physical Help
  134. How do you deal with losing?
  135. Looking for a "Coach" to teach me jungling
  136. Item building question
  137. Advice on Hades mid...
  138. Artemis in solo lane.
  139. Proper Siege Etiquette
  140. Can somebody tell me....
  141. Xbalanque worth the work?
  142. how do you build loki in this context?
  143. Hercules
  144. New Player Advice
  145. Something Magic in the Duo Lane!! :O
  146. Loading screen frame
  147. Help with playing Bastet jungle.
  148. Anubis does what...?
  149. Can I get a Viability Check?
  150. A bunch of mechanic-questions (magical/physical def, scaling, etc.)
  151. Advice for Thanatos?
  152. Smite practice tips video for Fenrir
  153. Preperation for level 30
  154. New player seeking advice
  155. Serqet advice please
  156. How to become better as a support (need help)
  157. Buying items? Start small or go big?
  158. Old Smite player getting back into Conquest
  159. Question regarding Ares' ability 1, unable to multicast.
  160. Item building question/advice
  161. Junglers
  162. How Do I Play Nemesis? (New Player)
  163. Osiris build. (?)
  164. What god should I buy? (new player kinda)
  165. Jungler role
  166. Trying to build neith
  167. Advice to jungle
  168. Which gods should i play and how?
  169. Assasins on solo lane?
  170. New player, want some help and advice.
  171. flag of Georgian republic
  172. Quick Question
  173. Need Help/Tips When It Comes to at Least Level 1 Mastering Every God
  174. counter phoenix hiding?
  175. Who are the Support role gods in the game.
  176. Need Help Newish to the game
  177. Towers/Archer Minions Advice
  178. Physical Penetration Math
  179. Wanna Stop Dyin', Wanna Start Killin'
  180. Is Sylvanus a GOOD support ?
  181. Jungle
  182. Going to leagues
  183. When to use beads during Ares ulti?
  184. Is there a way to make blink a one button cast?
  185. Countdown to Chronos.
  186. Newb stacking up on masteries
  187. Who goes where
  188. Tips for a New Player
  189. Transcendense AND heartseeker for ADC Ullr
  190. How to ADC
  191. Viable "Mage supports?
  192. Eye of Providence vs Wards
  193. Where should I start......
  194. Good Neith Build?
  195. How to improve
  196. Gods for new players and general advice.
  197. How does the ban proccess on League works?
  198. Advanced Guide: How to beat matchmaking
  199. Crowd Control reduction - how far does it stack?
  200. Hi, I'm new.
  201. Speed Cap
  202. Best Tyr Build?
  203. Looking for more god advice, help me be a better Arachne
  204. What role is support in this game?
  205. Help with Joust Practice
  206. Having a hard time deciding on which god to buy.
  207. How to deal with people who are being rude
  208. Why is Thor good?
  209. KS? WTF is that?
  210. Help with making Fenrir Solo work.
  211. How to build Vulcan skills
  212. I need a help on mages
  213. Artemis in arena...
  214. Idea for Sun Wukong Support build-feedback please?
  215. Vamana players?
  216. Lets Talk AWILIX
  217. What gods can play solo lane
  218. Agni is weak sauce
  219. How can i get to higher league in 1v1? Impossible
  220. Ward advice wanted...
  221. Top Tier Mages
  222. Bakasura or Kali?
  223. Hello guys please help!
  224. Tyr the Lawbringer! New tyr, new build, you won't be dissapointed!
  225. nemesis advice?
  226. Mechanically Challenged
  227. Supporting Help
  228. Ah muzen cab beginner tips
  229. New Player. Any Advice?
  230. Supporting Help
  231. How to Support
  232. Stuck at a certain skillcap
  233. Neith
  234. Ymir's shoes
  235. Boatmurdered presents....The Book of Vulcan
  236. How do I 1v1?
  237. Wards do not win games! Proof (This is a joke)
  238. Need help from experienced/skilled players
  239. cabrakan help wanted
  240. Sylvanus Build Advice.
  241. Conquest Gods and Roles
  242. How do I mark on map to signal where to go/enemy location?
  243. Looking for tips with Ne Zha
  244. I saw Domination come up one time and it hasn't come up since then?
  245. MOBA newb question about roles
  246. The Overarching Assault Guide
  247. Sylvanus Solo?
  248. CDR on Vamana?
  249. Played for over a year - New to conquest
  250. Ward Locations As The Map Progresses