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  1. Mercury is really bad?
  2. My problem with Ravana
  3. Tips to a new Ao Kuang player?
  4. Help! I love mages but I suck at them!
  5. Solo lane matchup
  6. Jungling help please!
  7. How to counter ao kuang
  8. Good build for Ratatoskr?
  9. What Items To Use And When
  10. God combinations
  11. Hun Batz Solo?
  12. Build help for zhong kui
  13. Assault Tactics
  14. Nerf hel please
  15. Guardians, Builds, New patch, etc
  16. Assassin and warrior help for the jungling role
  17. Advice for someone learning Osiris?
  18. Neith Speed Build
  19. Bellona solo
  20. Lotus Crown Isis
  21. LostScarf's Jungle Guides
  22. Who shall win the 2v2
  23. General Help!
  24. Assault & Arena Guides
  25. Janus without boots
  26. How to play question
  27. What's important on Ne Zha?
  28. Do you want to start Jungling?
  29. Chang'e duo starter items infinte sustain in lane.
  30. Freya Help
  31. Only show enemy nameplates?
  32. What's wrong with double stacking items?
  33. How to win Arena games everytime: Pro Noob strats
  34. Fatalis on Poseidon?
  35. Caster ADCs
  36. How to solo?
  37. Nox build
  38. Transitioning to Other Roles
  39. What is the best Hades start and how good is he overall?
  40. Advice on my Osiris build?
  41. Major Help Needed Desperately
  42. What is aura range?
  43. Aspiring Support Main In Need of Help
  44. New MOTD 1st post
  45. What is with the massive love for Tyr?
  46. Grade my jungling
  47. Nemesis - How do you build and carry with her ?
  48. How do I go about Tyr solo?
  49. Thor Strategy
  50. How Would One Build Fenrir & Thor Support?
  51. Undeserved gold advantage
  52. Stopped playing for a while, need to catch up with hunter builds
  53. How would I play & build Serqet?
  54. Most Anti-Fun God?
  55. How many masteries do you have in total.
  56. Scylla's very underrated
  57. Trying to learn sol, medusa, and nuwa need advice and help.
  58. Best Guardian?
  59. Playing Support
  60. Agni: Why do I even want to upgrade my 1 (and 3)?
  61. Some less known gameplay facts
  62. "Must" Gods
  63. How is Ares right now?
  64. How the hell do you counter Awilix?
  65. How does the "Hide of The Nemean Lion" actually work?
  66. Sol
  67. Lifesteal on Bakasura?
  68. Help with siege
  69. Isis build anyone? And Guardians almost OP in siege?
  70. Solo FTW
  71. Fighting against mage on Solo lane advice.
  72. Settling the debate on Trans vs. Devo
  73. Xbal - How to build him and play style !
  74. Ravana and his multitude of uses.
  75. Tips against Xing Tian solo
  76. I've made this graph so you can understand how defense works
  77. Running into a skill wall
  78. Bakasura Chase Potential
  79. Who do you chang'e?
  80. What should my starting items be in Joust 1v1?
  81. Questions for baka Solo
  82. Bacchus: Is Tipsy included by Smashed?
  83. How does one Bellona solo in general, and against a Chang'e?
  84. Zelvios's Tier List v3
  85. Fenrir - What To Do?
  86. Meditation + Sun Wukong
  87. Thanatos Solo
  88. Questioning My Skills
  89. Failure to Communicate I mean Ullr
  90. How far away can siege juggernaut fighting be heard?
  91. Ratatoskor strategy
  92. 1v1 Joust help
  93. Chang'e Item Build Help
  94. Is Bluestone really worth the 800?
  95. Solo/Duo - Long/short lane
  96. Hunters: who Bluestone, who Death's Toll?
  97. Does playing amc help hunter awareness
  98. Ah Puch
  99. Ao Kuang SotM over DemoGrp?
  100. I need some help/advice.
  101. kali attack speed vs damage
  102. Guardians that can counter Janus?
  103. Spear of the Magus VS. Obsidian Shard
  104. Bellona Crits
  105. Beginner's guide to Hel!
  106. This Dogmatic adherance to meta is getting annoying. Stop the nuke cycle
  107. Item Questions
  108. Is Anhur any good?
  109. Beginner's guide to Ullr!
  110. Need Clarity on the Past
  111. I have trouble fighting Bellona, Tyr, and Vulcan
  112. Jotuns or Frostbound
  113. Building Athena
  114. Why do I only see physical defense in solo laners from spl players?
  115. Chiron build guide
  116. Ah Puch and Odin's Cage
  117. Need help with Ao Kuang
  118. Jungling guide?
  119. The Small Definitive Penetration Guide [Updated 3/28/17]
  120. Nemesis viability
  121. Kali tanking potential
  122. Can someone explain attack speed to me.
  123. Teleport as an escape
  124. Jungle counters?
  125. A Small Snail Guide: Tyr
  126. Aphrodite in the mid...
  127. Meta starts
  128. Conquest Rotation Questions
  129. Spear of Magus or Obsidian Shard?
  130. Cupid with no lifesteal?
  131. Bellona Tips
  132. Help with Warriors
  133. Titan's bane vs. Executioner
  134. Feedback for the new Ravana
  135. Craprakan't
  136. Freya Faila
  137. How to Counter Loki/Sol in Ranked Joust?
  138. Team comp and God's to fit each role.
  139. Hebo 1v1 nerf question or help
  140. Why Frost-hammer also works for hunters too? Which are range gods?
  141. A few questions about jungling (falling behind and items)
  142. Ravana Joust Video (Feedback please)
  143. Sol: How do I carry with her ?
  144. Nemesis shield of regrowth not procing
  145. Any opinions on how to improve?(Non-Rant)
  146. Serqet: The Amazing Tank build for 3v3s
  147. Do Pantheons mean anything?
  148. How does one Ah Puch?
  149. need jungle advice
  150. Looking for some tips on AMC
  151. I feel completely useless with Ao Kuang.
  152. Idiot's Guide to the Smite Gods: Episode 1: Ah Puch
  153. Defensively builded Isis - Trolling or not?
  154. Idiot's Guide to the Smite Gods: Episode 2: Bellona
  155. Ravana Gameplay Video
  156. Help with Mercury!
  157. Idiot's Guide to the Smite Gods: Episode 3: Loki
  158. How to build Kali?
  159. Idiot's Guide to the Smite Gods: Episode 4: Medusa
  160. Idiot's Guide to the Smite Gods: Episode 5: Khepri
  161. Idiot's Guide to the Smite Gods: Episode 6: Zhong Kui
  162. how the hell do i get past a khepri in a 3 v 3 or 5 v 5
  163. Is this Sylvanus build a good idea?
  164. When's the best time to backdoor and how often?
  165. Meta and S2
  166. Thor Life atm
  167. Smite Item Aid - A new website and app with extensive item statistics
  168. Discussion about Tribute and Ranked
  169. Any good jungle champs
  170. Vampiric Embrace vs Soulstone
  171. How can I beat the PANIC?
  172. Spear of the Magus vs. Demonic Grip on Sol and Why?
  173. Idiot's Guide to the Smite Gods: Episode 7: Nemesis
  174. New Ravana - Any good builds?
  175. Who has better early game?
  176. Odin Jungle? Junglodin?
  177. BobKetchup SeventhArchon and Outso's tierlist
  178. Tyr choosing boots
  179. The dirtybubble meta
  180. ZUES IS OVERPOWERED!!! Smite OP Builds #1 (Build,Rotation,& Gameplay)
  181. Some Jung rotations/ early decimation
  182. Question about FrostBound hammer
  183. Cabrakan solo
  184. Medusa mid build
  185. When to rotate, back, and do camps?
  186. Defeat Sol 1v1
  187. Merc no longer needs golden bow...oh boy
  188. Making Nemesis Usable agsin (Solo build help?)
  189. how to build hunters in joust?
  190. Need a god to carry my team
  191. Buying bumbas and Bluestone for jungling
  192. Building up Bacchus
  193. How do I beat Bellona?
  194. Team Comps
  195. Good Cabrakan Build?
  196. How to play jungle
  197. Tip: Freya can banish loki decoy
  198. Help! Hun Batz vs Kali 1v1
  199. How to counter magic as SWK in solo?
  200. Medusa and Jotunn's Wrath/Cooldown
  201. Serqet Guide & Tips!
  202. Non stacking build for hunters
  203. Gameplay and Tutorial Videos
  204. Newbie Gods and Roles
  205. Idling AFK
  206. Ratatoskr vs other Assassins
  207. Smite Free 200 GEMS code for free Who Wants
  208. Decided to Finally Commit to SMITE: LFGoodGods
  209. Thinking about lane swap
  210. Starting item for Thanatos in Conquest
  211. New Items?
  212. way not add the world serpent Jörmungandr?
  213. Is it normal to have a lot of assists on Nu Wa and few kills.
  214. Thinking About Chronos
  215. A New Khepri Build?
  216. Ravana build?
  217. General building and counter building
  218. Newbie coming in
  219. Advice needed for playing squishy gods
  220. New rotations: ADC to Solo
  221. Question: Does the scoreboard reflect your rank for the match?
  222. Jungle advice?
  223. Learning to play Isis in arena, need advice.
  224. Ravana builds?
  225. CC Reduction Question
  226. SWK's 2
  227. Newbie - Items and Actives
  228. Amaterasu + Winged Blade
  229. Serious Smite players, how do you close out games?
  230. Medusa/Hunter Arena Build?
  231. Idiot's Guide to the Smite Gods: Episode 8: Kumbhakarna
  232. Ao Kuang burst build?
  233. Building Amaterasu for solo
  234. Guan Yu Joust Generalist Build?
  235. (Arena) Some thoughts about Tyr
  236. Any tips on playng Zhong Kui, Ravana, or Thanatos?
  237. New Idea for Speed buffs
  238. Best jungled assassins?
  239. Any tips for playing Ymir?
  240. AA Ravana vs ability Ravana
  241. Jungle tips please
  242. Skill scaling?
  243. Help with Support - Focus Offensive or Defensive?
  244. Idea for new MotD
  245. Are we really supposed to use Health Items ? i mean... are we ??
  246. Could someone explain to me how winning 8 ranked matches puts me in low silver?
  247. How to build Arachne on Conquest? (HELP)
  248. transcendence can you counter it?
  249. Late Game Solo Loki
  250. To boots or not to boots